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On-Site and Off-Site Training

JGA can/will design a structured curriculum specific to complete your logistics mission covering any or all modes of transport. All classes can be custom-designed and held on- or off-site at your facility or specified location of your choice. 

A custom-designed program allows JGA to use your products, shipping scenarios, and documentation as examples in the classroom. 

Many companies chose an on-site or off-site setting as their best training option since it allows them to be very product-specific.

On-Site Training Class Benefit Options:

  • Flexible dates and times to meet your scheduling
  • Weekend scheduling prevents disruption of weekday productivity
  • Half-day sessions reduce disruption
  • Customized training and curriculum designed and tailored specific to your logistical mission requirements 
  • Specific attention can be given to in-house processes, procedures, and company policies
  • Function-specific training allowing individuals to be trained on only those functions they are involved with on a day-to-day basis
  • Layered training can accommodate initial certification and recertification
  • Based on the number of employees that attend allow, substantial cost savings as compared to individual public training

Off-Site Training Class Benefit Options:

  • Increased engagement from students removed from everyday work environment
  • Tailor meeting space to number of attendees and scope of instruction
  • Access to technology capabilities that may not be available at your own facility
  • Flexibility in off-site space usage options when dealing with limited space availability on-site
  • Direct responsiveness can be given to those who seek a higher degree of attention

In addition to the above benefits, upon completion of the training, JGA will provide you with an Exit Summary. As part of the Exit Summary, the instructor will cite observations made during the training process, as well as provide solutions to any concerns while acknowledging those procedures and processes in proper support of the regulations. This Exit Summary can be a valuable tool for management to gain support and budget so the organization can stay in compliance with said regulations.

Please contact JGA for pricing on custom-designed training classes for your organization or for an on- or off-site customized training quote.

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