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Our Team

JGA’s team of instructors and consultants is the reason Fortune 500 companies throughout the world have sought out and continue to utilize the level of training that we provide.

Each member of our team is  professionally skilled and trained on DOT,-  IATA- and IMDG regulations, and instructors tally over a cumulative 150 years of experience in the transportation, supply chain, and logistics industries.

Staying in tune with the constantly evolving and demanding hazmat industry is our business, and we incorporate the latest industry best practices into our courses, ensuring your knowledge and instruction is informed, competent, and up-to-date. Our instructors understand the complexity of a larger picture and the subsequent and necessary steps needed to accomplish your mission—all the result of current and prior practical experiences.

Meet Our Instructors

With over 150 years of regulatory, compliance, and Department of Defense experience JGA instructors are highly qualified to educate and share real-world scenarios with students in the following subject matter: Hazardous Materials in Transportation; Dangerous Goods in Transportation, Transportation of Radioactive Materials; Military Airlift in Accordance with AFMAN 24-604; and various Military Specification Packaging and Government Contract Requirements courses.

John Gerrish

Spending 10+ years with hands-on, in-depth training and handling of dangerous goods / hazmat as a C-130 Loadmaster in the U.S. Air Force, laid the foundation for John to start his own packing company, specializing in dangerous goods shipments. A degree in musical education provided the teaching skills for instructing others in the intricacies of preparing, offering, accepting, and rejecting hazmat shipments. 

A Vietnam-era military background and the real-world situations encountered operating JGA’s affiliate packing company, Airpack, for 25+ years has provided the basis for John’s passion and desire to educate others on shipping dangerous goods. His primary goal in instruction is to assist the student in understanding the regulations while maintaining safety when preparing or offering hazmat into transportation. John is an IATA Certified Training Instructor, Department of Defense Training Instructor, and former Educational Director for the National Institute of Packaging, Handling and Logistics Engineers (NIPHLE), and former President of the Baltimore Washington Cargo Association (BWACA).

Jerry Green

A graduate of the University of Tennessee–Knoxville, Jerry’s expertise is in the area of radioactive shipments. He has over 40 years’ experience in regulatory compliance and hazardous materials transportation, including 24 years conducting regulatory compliance training. He has served as Associate Staff to the US DOT's Transportation Safety Institute in Oklahoma City, and formerly served on the instructional staff at George Washington University's Aviation Safety and Security Management Program.  

In March 2014 Jerry was awarded the credential of Certified Dangerous Goods Professional (CDGP). He also holds the status of Diplomate With Honors in Dangerous Goods Instruction awarded by the International Air Transport Associated in Geneva, Switzerland.

Jerry has traveled extensively in Mexico, South America and the Caribbean and conducts dangerous goods in Spanish.

A. Winslow Sully

With over 25 years of extensive exposure working with hazardous materials in both the manufacturing and distribution environment, Winslow is knowledgeable in HAZCOM / OSHA, DOT, IATA and IMO.

Under manufacturing, he has provided plans for the proper storage and handling of hazardous materials, the safe unloading of bulk chemicals (Hydrogen Peroxide 52%, Ammonia, Ethanol & Propanol), and composing material safety data sheets (MSDS) in compliance with ANSI standards.

Winslow has developed training programs and training for all employees in the areas of Hazard Communication and procedures involving hazardous materials, i.e., grounding for handling flammable liquids, storage compatibility of  hazardous materials,  Confined Space Entry  program,  HAZOP procedures, DOT, IATA, IMDG training for employees, etc.

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Below are just a few of the organizations that are critical to our development:

  • COSTHA – Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles
  • DGAC – Dangerous Goods Advisory Council
  • DGTA – Dangerous Goods Trainers Association
  • NESHTA – National Environmental Safety and Health Training Association
  • NIPHLE – National Institute of Packaging, Handling and Logistics Engineers
  • NDTA – National Defense Transportation Association
  • CTMA – Contractors Transportation Management Association
  • AFA – Air Forwarders Association
  • BWACA – Baltimore Washington Air Cargo Association
  • LabelMaster’s Dangerous Goods Instructors’ Symposium
  • The Journal of HazMat Transportation

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